Psicoclavo Fanzine

Psicoclavo: 1. adj. Lucid disconfort suffered by those who wake up with alcoholic or psicotropic hangover.   2. noun. Effects or series of consequences derived from a particular exciting situation or euphoric event.   3. noun. A strange or morally atypical person.


Psicoclavo Fanzine is a hybrid booklet which combines poetry, narrative, illustration, photography, and diverse 2D art, as well as interviews held with contemporary poets, Spoken Word Bilbao invited artists. We are four designers; Idoia Aragón, Mai Bonne Vivante, María Bedia and Raquel Asensi.


Our front covers and content are possible thanks to an extense number of collaborators and local artists.  


If you are interested in collaborating in out project, take a look at our facebook page or send an e-mail to:


You can read more about us at Revista Jaleo magazine. (Thanks Jaleo!)


Long live Psicoclavo!


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Edited by: Raquel Asensi,  Idoia Aragón, Maria Bedia y Maitane Ochoa.

Special thanks to: Revista Jaleo. Photographs by: Mauricio Martin, Jon Garcés.

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